Festival 2014

Robert McLellan was the most important Scottish dramatist and short story writer to work in living Scots in the Twentieth Century and his influence on the world of Scottish writing has been crucial. From 2004 – 2007, the McLellan  Arts Festival sought to raise awareness of the importance of Robert McLellan, an Arran resident for most of his life, in the annals of Scottish literature and theatre in preparation for the celebration of his centenary in 2007. Since then, the aims of the festival have been to honour McLellan's memory by not only performing McLellan's work,  but providing the means of creating new work in Scottish writing by running poetry and playwriting competitions, helping to develop the creative skills of young people, developing the visual arts, including film, running a music school on the island  and forging cultural links with other rural and island communities.

Poetry competition 2014

Arran Open Studios Event 2014

you tube - the song 'Isle of Arran' performed by the students of the Royal Northern College of Music